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Breast Augmentation

Figuring out what breast implants are right for you can be a difficult decision, and that is considering the fact that most people will only be troubled about what size implant they should move forward with, not the numerous other categories that are available to them. 

While size is an important consideration, at South Shore Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure you are educated as thoroughly as possible about all of your options, not just your new breast size. 

What Are My Breast Implant Size Options?

When it comes to implant size, most people will automatically think about what plastic surgeons refer to as implant volume; that is, the actual size of the implant itself. While this isn’t the only sizing consideration, it is the most substantial one. 

Breast implants come sized anywhere between 100cc and 800cc. Those most popular sizes are right around the middle — about 300cc or 400cc — and that is because plastic surgeons now advocate for finding an implant size that is complementary to your body size, not necessarily the largest available. 

(We can help you determine the best implant volume for your frame during your consultation.)

The second size consideration is implant profile, or how far out the breast implant projects from the chest, of which there are four options: low profile, moderate profile, high profile, and ultra-high profile.

Generally, the idea behind “implant profile” is that you don’t want wide implants to be set on a figure with a narrow chest or vice versa.

Low Profile — Best for patients with wider chests, provides minimal projection and more subtle curvature. 

Moderate Profile — Best for patients with somewhat narrow chests, provides medium projection increase and slightly more dramatic curvature.

High Profile — Best for patients with narrow chests, provides significant forward projection and a very noticeable increase in total curvature.

Ultra-High Profile — Best for patients with very narrow chests and very little breast tissue, provides the most dramatic level of projection and curvature increase.

What Are My Breast Implant Incision Location Options?

You have three main incision location options: periareolar, inframammary and transaxillary.

Periareolar — Periareolar incisions are made around the nipple, providing good access to the breast tissue for placement and allowing your surgeon to hide the scarring between the textures of the skin and areola. 

Inframammary — Inframammary incisions are made on the bottom of the breast within the natural fold where the breast meets the chest area. This allows your surgeon to hide the scarring along this natural fold. 

Transaxillary — Transaxillary incisions are made within the folds of the underarm, allowing your surgeon to avoid any and all scarring near the breast itself. This is often chosen by patients who do not want to have any noticeable scarring on their breasts.

In some cases, a belly button approach may also be an option, but it is best to speak with your surgeon about this approach since it is associated with an increased complication rate. Not all breast implants are eligible for all incision options.

What Are My Breast Implant Placement Options?

There are two implant placement options: submuscular and submammary. In the breast anatomy, there is both mammary tissue and chest muscle. The muscle is deeper within the anatomy, while the mammary tissue rests on top of the muscle.

Submuscular — These implants are placed underneath the muscle, making them look and feel more natural, and lessen the likelihood of capsular contracture from occurring. Some patients may not be suitable for this option if their breast tissue is weakened. Generally, recovery is more difficult and more prolonged. 

Submammary — Submammary placement occurs when the implant is placed beneath the mammary tissue and above the muscle. It is generally associated with shorter procedures and recovery times but less natural results. But some people may prefer the more dramatic appearance of submammary placement. 

What Are My Breast Implant Material Options?

You have two implant filling material options: saline and silicone.

Saline — Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution, meaning the body can easily absorb them if they begin to leak. They are FDA approved for anyone aged 18 and older and provide a clean, uniform appearance. Saline implants with an inner structure can better mimic the feel of natural breast tissue.

Silicone — Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that looks and feels very close to the texture of natural breast tissue. Unlike saline implants, leaks in silicone need to be removed quickly, but even in the event of a leak, silicone implants have an inner structure to them that prevents them from deflating if a leak occurs. These implants are FDA approved for anyone 22 and older.

What Are My Breast Implant Shape Options?

There are two main implant shapes to choose from: round and gummy bear. The decision between these two shapes is based entirely on your aesthetic preference. Both are very popular and can be effectively used for most body shapes and sizes.

Round — Round implants have a full appearance and go higher than gummy bear implants in terms of projects. They also have less concern about them rotating out of place during recovery since they are a uniform shape.

Gummy Bear — Although there is a very small chance your gummy bear implants will rotate during the recovery process, these implants are great for people who want a more natural breast shape without as much top fullness. 

What Are My Breast Implant Texture Options?

There are two texture options you can consider: smooth and textured. 

Smooth — Smooth implants feel softer and move more naturally than textured implants, making them a solid option for many patients. Smooth implants are more prone to visible rippling beneath the skin, however, so your skin thickness may need to be considered.

Textured — Textured implants are more rigid, but they also hold in place better within the breast tissue, preventing them from becoming mispositioned as often. Capsular contracture is also less common in textured implants.

Ready to See Your Breast Implant Options in Voorhees, NJ?

Figuring out which implants are best for you is a personal decision based on your goals and aesthetic preferences. If you are ready to schedule a consultation, give our office a call at (856) 784-2639 or fill out our online contact form to have a member of our team get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to being your trusted partner throughout this process.