What Is a Post-Bariatric Body Lift?

A post-bariatric body lift is performed to improve the body contour after a significant amount of weight has been lost, particularly after gastric bypass surgery. Extensive weight loss may result in sagging skin and tissue that can interfere with the overall results of weight loss. By tightening and removing excess skin, fat and tissue, patients can enjoy smoother body contours and a more attractive appearance that shows off weight loss efforts to the fullest.

A post-bariatric body lift may consist of a combination of procedures that affect the various areas of the body most affected by major weight loss. These areas might include the buttocks, hips, thighs, breasts, upper arms, abdomen, and back. Because treatment may involve a number of procedures, it can be customized to a patient’s unique needs and desired outcome.

Why Do We Need Post-Bariatric Body Lift?

When major weight loss occurs, some parts of our bodies are not able to return to their usual appearances. The biggest offender is the skin that was once stretched to accommodate the new fat volume. Skin sagging and excess skin is very common in patients who have successfully completed gastric bypass surgery. 

Unfortunately, other than a body lift, there are very few ways to improve these aesthetic concerns. There is no supplement or nonsurgical treatment that can correct the amount of excess skin and tissue that typically develops after major weight loss. Some people with good elasticity can bounce back after a few pounds, but it is virtually never an option for people who lose any sizeable amount of weight.

What Does Post-Bariatric Body Lift Treat?

Post-bariatric body lift treats a lot of the same problems that something like a Daddy Do-over or Mommy Makeover would treat. Instead of worrying about just one particular area, it focuses on restoring multiple parts of the body, like the arms, abdomen, flanks, legs or anywhere that would benefit from skin removal or tightening.

The goal of this procedure is ultimately to restore your preferred body contour. Our office can work with you to figure out your priorities and the best way to achieve those goals. 

Am I a Candidate for a Post-Bariatric Body Lift?

If you have recently undergone gastric bypass or have lost a sizeable amount of weight by other means, then you are likely going to be a candidate for this procedure. The most important part of candidacy is maintaining a positive attitude and realistic expectations. If you come into the process expecting to have unattainable results, you are setting yourself up for disappointment regardless of how successful your procedure is. 

There are very few preexisting medical conditions that will prevent you from being a good candidate, especially if you were a safe candidate for gastric bypass surgery. While the aesthetic treatment can be extensive, it is fairly routine, especially for a practice like South Shore Plastic Surgery, where Dr. Vasisht can provide you with a wealth of experience and expertise.

How Should I Prepare for Post-Bariatric Body Lift?

As a surgical procedure, there are a few universal precautions you should take leading up to your surgery day. You should quit smoking as soon as possible, but at the very least, three weeks before you are scheduled to have your body lift performed. Smoking increases the likelihood that a complication will arise during your surgery. 

The same can be said for excessive alcohol and unprescribed drug use. It is even possible that you may need to temporarily alter your prescriptions if they may have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia or raise unwanted risks.

We will work with you to determine the safest route to move forward through the process. Our goal is your safety, and we will make sure that you are only undergoing operations that are safe for your unique medical condition. 

What Should I Expect from a Post-Bariatric Body Lift Procedure?

The specific procedure performed will depend on the body type, areas to be addressed and the patient’s desired outcome. A lower body lift, which involves removing excess fat and skin from the midsection, hips, thighs and buttocks, is often the first choice for improving body contour. An upper body lift tightens and tones the upper arms, back and breasts. A breast lift might include breast implants or moving the areola for a more natural look.

Post-bariatric body lifts may be performed in a series of procedures, allowing healing time between each surgery session. Incisions are kept as small as possible, with placement chosen based on where scars may be least visible. For example, incisions for lower body lifts may be placed in the groin area or below the bikini line, while incisions for breast lifts may be placed in the crease underneath the breasts.

What Should I Expect During Post-Bariatric Body Lift Recovery?

Bandages will be placed on incisions immediately after the procedure, and to promote healing after surgery. Tubes may also be used to drain excess fluids from treatment sites. Patients are advised to limit movement and get plenty of rest in the days after the procedure to minimize recovery time, which varies from patient to patient. Minor pain can usually be managed with medication and compression garments may be used to reduce swelling. Patients that carefully follow post-operative instructions tend to have the best recovery and results.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Post-Bariatric Body Lift?

You can expect to experience an improvement in any of the areas that are worked on. This typically means tighter skin with scars that are very discreet, resulting in a much tauter body contour. The changes that are made are permanent, and unless future weight fluctuations disturb the improvements, your skin will remain tight. 

The aging process, unfortunately, can harm these results, but a touch-up procedure is always an option years down the line if you decide you still want to maintain a taut contour.

Can I Combine My Post-Bariatric Body Lift with Other Procedures?

Post-bariatric body lifts are, by definition, a combination of smaller procedures. You can have a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, traditional body lift, liposuction or almost any other surgical cosmetic procedure performed at the same time as this treatment. 

Elevate Your Contour with a Post-Bariatric Body Lift

If you are ready to learn more about how this procedure can improve your appearance, give our office a call at (856) 784-2639. You can also fill out the contact form below to have a member of our team reach out to you at a more convenient time. We are looking forward to being a guiding light through this complicated process.