My breasts are too small for my body.
I would feel sexier and more confident with a bigger bust.
I want more feminine curves.
I don’t like the way clothing fits.
One of my breasts is larger than the other.
I lost weight and now I have deflated breasts.
I gave birth and I want my pre-baby body back.
I want to look and feel like I did when I was younger.

Aesthetic trends come and go, but year after year, breast augmentation remains one of the top cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide. Women seek breast enhancement for an infinite number of unique, highly personal reasons. Yet whatever motivation is behind the initial interest in breast augmentation, the goal of the procedure is always the same: giving you the breast shape and size that best fits your needs and goals.

New Jersey breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Vasisht uses the latest technologies and techniques to help women in Southern New Jersey, Delaware and the Philadelphia area achieve the shapely silhouettes they desire. To request your complimentary consultation with Dr. V, please contact South Shore Plastic Surgery at 856-784-2639.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that uses implants to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. It can be an excellent option for patients who want a fuller profile, who have undergone breast reconstruction and want to regain a more natural look, or who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or nursing. Historically, breast augmentation has been the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a small bump in cup size or want to take a big leap, Dr. V is here to help you look and feel your best.

Dr. Vasisht’s Approach

Finding the right surgeon is a crucial part of any successful surgery. When you think of breast implants, you may picture the extremely large, obviously enhanced breasts associated with the “Baywatch” look. While that aesthetic is a goal for some women, it is far from the only outcome that can be achieved with breast implants. A skilled surgeon and today’s refined techniques can give you results that are as subtle or dramatic as you want them to be.

In most cases, Dr. V’s goal is to create a natural result. This means the breasts flatter the patient’s physique and do not look like they were surgically enhanced. In fact, patients often tell us that it is hard for their loved ones to tell they had surgery. This is a desirable outcome for many, if not most, of our patients.

Taking your aesthetic goals and unique anatomy into consideration, Dr. V will use his extensive training and experience to help you choose the breast augmentation options that will give you results you’ll love. Your surgical plan will be meticulously personalized to achieve your desired look.

Reasons for Considering Breast Augmentation

The reasons to pursue breast augmentation are as varied and unique as the patients themselves. Depending on your goals, you may be interested in breast augmentation to:

  • Enhance your body shape and proportions if your breasts are too small
  • Achieve fuller cleavage
  • Increase breast volume after weight loss, pregnancy or nursing
  • Equalize a difference in breast size to gain symmetry
  • Improve your appearance in swimsuits, lingerie and other clothing
  • Reconstruct your breasts following a mastectomy or injury
  • Revise a previous breast augmentation with unsatisfactory results
  • Enhance your self-esteem and sense of femininity

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Women who decide to have breast augmentation in New Jersey experience one or more of the concerns above and meet the basic requirements to be considered a good candidate for breast implants. In general, that means you:

  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Are at least 18 years old for saline implants
  • Are at least 22 years old for silicone implants
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Are prepared to follow all preoperative and postoperative instructions
  • Have sufficient natural breast tissue to cover the implants
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure

The best way to determine if breast augmentation is right for you is to visit South Shore Plastic Surgery for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Vasisht.

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

We are frequently asked whether breast augmentation can correct sagging. While breast implants can sometimes improve a small degree of sagging, that is not the purpose of this procedure. The surgery will not move the breasts closer together or lift breasts with significant sagging. If sagging is a primary concern for you, you may do better with a breast lift or a combined breast lift with augmentation. Combining these two breast enhancement procedures can improve fullness, shape and symmetry while simultaneously restoring the breasts to a youthful, lifted position.

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation

Careful planning is a critical step of your breast augmentation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Vasisht will perform a physical examination and take measurements that allow him to create a surgical plan that maximizes your postoperative outcome. He will discuss the important decisions to be made about your procedure, inform you of your anticipated breast augmentation surgery cost and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of breast implants.

Dr. V will listen closely to your concerns and expectations as you explain your vision for your breast enhancement. The more vividly you can describe the outcome you hope to achieve, the better Dr. V can help you meet those goals. Many choices made during the preoperative stage will significantly impact the final results of your breast augmentation. Open and honest communication with Dr. V is essential.



Choosing Your Breast Implant Type

There are three main types of breast implants with subtle differences in look, feel and performance.

Saline implants, which contain a sterile saltwater solution, have been a mainstay in breast augmentation for many years. They are known to have a less natural look and feel than other options, but with correct sizing and dimensions, saline breast implants can also look and feel natural. Some women are more comfortable using them because saline can safely be absorbed by the body in the event of a leak. Some women also choose saline implants because they can be placed in the body through smaller incisions.

In November 2006, the FDA approved the use of silicone gel implants. These new silicone implants are a special polymer that does not leak like the previous generation of silicone implants. If a rupture occurs, the thick gel is less likely to flow into the pocket. These implants have a more natural look, feel and movement than saline implants, and consequently have become very popular today.

Gummy bear implants are cohesive silicone gel implants that are “form stable,” meaning they hold a relatively constant shape. They are shaped like a teardrop — narrower at the top, wider at the bottom — in order to mimic the natural shape of breasts. Like any type of implant, gummy bear implants offer advantages and disadvantages and are not right for everyone. When you come in for your consultation, Dr. V will help you decide which of these breast implant types is right for you using the latest research.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Shape

Breast implants are manufactured in two shapes. Round implants are circular and symmetrical. They tend to add more fullness in the upper pole and, because they are the same shape all the way around, there is no concern that they will distort the breast if they rotate out of place. Round implants can be made with a smooth outer surface or a textured outer surface.

Teardrop implants have a greater degree of fullness in the lower pole compared to the upper pole. They are considered “anatomic” because they reflect the shape of natural breasts. All teardrop breast implants have a slightly coarse, textured outer shell that helps the implant stay in the proper orientation in the pocket.

Textured implants have been linked to a rare cancer of the immune system called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). The FDA is undertaking efforts to better understand the issue and has requested that the manufacturer Allergan voluntarily recall its textured implants. Textured breast implants from other manufacturers were not part of the recall. Although BIA-ALCL is uncommon and treatable, it’s important for patients to be fully informed about the risks associated with breast augmentation.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Size and Profile

Choosing the size of your breast implants can be the most exciting part of the process. Your height and body shape, along with the pre-surgical dimensions of your breasts, play a prominent role in determining the size that will achieve a natural look. After giving careful consideration to the technical aspect of this decision, Dr. Vasisht emphasizes the importance of finding the breast implant size that will give you the best aesthetic outcome and match your personality. Being attentive to a patient’s wishes and desires is extremely crucial in finalizing the correct size.

One of the most overlooked breast implant options is the profile of the implant. “Profile” refers to how far an implant projects outward from your chest wall. Breast implants are available in a range of profiles that offer substantially different results. Higher profile implants yield a more dramatic before and after, while lower profile implants add subtle volume and create a more natural appearance. Consider whether you want a look that is full and prominent or a more understated enhancement.

Many women come to their consultation with a goal bra size in mind, but implant size does not correlate with bra size. Breast implants are measured by volume. Describing an ideal bra size may help Dr. V get an idea of what you want, but because sizing varies between bra manufacturers, cup size is not an accurate measuring system. During a consultation, you can “try on” different sizes and profiles to see which one gives you the most desirable appearance. Bringing photos for reference is also a useful way to demonstrate what you like and don’t like.

What to Expect From Your New Jersey Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation involves making an incision in the breast, creating a pocket to house the implant and positioning the implant within the pocket. Dr. Vasisht performs the surgery on an outpatient basis at a hospital or state-of-the-art surgical center (Centennial Surgery Center). The procedure is usually done while the patient is under general anesthesia, but in some cases, it can be done with sedation. Dr. V will select the safest option for you.

The specific steps of your New Jersey breast augmentation procedure will depend on the decisions you and Dr. V agree upon during your consultation. This discussion will include the different types of breast augmentation techniques available for the incisions and the placement of the implants.

There are several possible locations for the small incision that will be used for inserting the breast implant. In the most frequently used technique, the incision is made in the lower portion of the breast (inframammary). Other techniques use an incision in the armpit (transaxillary) or an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). A newer, less common technique uses an incision in the bellybutton to avoid scarring in the breast area.

Your breast implant placement options will be under the chest wall muscle (submuscular placement) or over the muscle (subglandular placement). In patients with adequate fullness in the upper part of the breast, implants can be placed above the muscle. For thin patients who have a minimal amount of breast tissue above the nipple, placing the implant behind the muscle can give a more natural appearance. There are other factors that should be considered and Dr. V will guide you in deciding which option will achieve the best result for you.

What to Expect From Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Patients who desire breast augmentation in South New Jersey often want limited to no disruption to their regular schedule. This is achievable in many cases. With Dr. V’s unique technical approach, and the help of the excellent anesthesiologists at our surgery center, patients may be able to go back to work or resume their activities in as little as a weekend.

An Ace wrap or a surgical support bra is applied right after surgery to minimize movement of the breasts and aid the healing process. Once the bandages are removed, you will need to wear a specialized cupless sports bra for several weeks. Postoperative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. Strenuous activities like exercise or a job that involves physical labor should be avoided until you have received clearance from Dr. V.

At South Shore Plastic Surgery, we use the On-Q pain pump system for post-surgery pain relief. This is a tiny catheter that Dr. V leaves in the pocket after the surgery is finished. The pain pump delivers a numbing medicine directly into the pocket for the first three days following the procedure. This has revolutionized breast augmentation recovery in South New Jersey. If you experience pain after the pain pump is removed, it can be treated effectively with an over-the-counter oral medication like Tylenol or Motrin.

When measured against industry standards, Dr. V has consistently been at the top of his game in terms of getting patients through this procedure with minimal complications or downtime. This can only happen when a surgeon is precise, has a keen attention to detail and takes pride in his work. Our patients can minimize discomfort, potential problems and overall recovery time by carefully following the directions given by Dr. V after surgery.

What to Expect From Your Breast Augmentation Results

What you see immediately after breast augmentation is not your final result. You will notice improved volume and shape right away, but your breasts may look fuller than you want due to swelling and your implants may appear too high on your chest. Over the weeks that follow your surgery, the swelling will subside, making your breasts softer and more mobile, and your implants will settle down into their final position. You can expect to enjoy the full benefits of your new figure within three to six months and may continue to see small improvements for up to a year.

While you can expect your breast augmentation results to be long-lasting, breast implants are not considered lifetime devices. A future procedure may be required to replace one or both implants. Breast implants come with warranties, the specifics of which vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of implant. You may also require a future procedure if aging, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding changes your breasts and you are no longer satisfied with the way they look. Plan to have regular examinations of your breasts and implants after surgery to evaluate your health and implant integrity, and to ensure you remain happy with your results.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Breasts can be a beautiful and powerful part of the body, but not everyone feels good about the bust they were born with. Some women naturally have undersized breasts that don’t flatter their figure, while others end up with deflated breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss or the aging process. Breast augmentation with Dr. Vasisht can help you feel confident, feminine and attractive — whether you’re in clothing, in a swimsuit or in nothing at all. Call South Shore Plastic Surgery today at 856-784-2639 to schedule a consultation with Southern New Jersey’s breast enhancement expert.