51 year old female with massive weight loss and the changes as noted. She underwent a full circumferential body lift and breast augmentation with a lift and bilateral brachioplasty for the arm skin. These procedures were done in a staged fashion.35 year old female who had a mini tummy tuck done by a different surgeon. She was unhappy about the abdomen and her unnatural looking belly button. She underwent an extended revision tummy tuck and implant breast augmentation with a lift. Today she has an amazing appearance to her body and she feels more confident in all her activities.42 year old female with a poor appearing abdomen and breasts. The term I use to describe this type of patient is « frumpy ». She is seen after a contouring tummy tuck with sculpting and bilateral implant augmentation with a circumvertical lift. She has a restored contour with an amazing youthful appearance45 year old female with enlarged and droopy breasts and stretched loose abdominal skin. She underwent an abdominoplasty with contouring and augmentation and mastopexy WITHOUT the use of an implant. She has a nice natural appearing contour to her whole new body.55 year old female with enlarged breasts and poor contour of her abdomen. She underwent a breast reduction with a lift and a tummy tuck. She also has a nice contour of her abdomen that she can feel confident about.35 year old female with previous poorly performed breast augmentation and post pregnancy changes to her abdomen. She underwent a revision of her breast augmentation and abdominoplasty and contouring.