Many women often ask which one is best for me and understanding the volume of your breasts it’s important we know how much we want to add to them. Breast augmentation and breast enhancement are two terms for this procedure that are used side by side because enhancing them in size, style and shape are exactly what we present our clients with when they ask about this procedure. A breast lift is a bit different and isn’t something that’s offered in breast augmentation, with implants or without, procedures. Augmentation is one surgery and lifting the breast is another set of planning options we need to consider. Once our patients at South Shore Plastic Surgery understand the difference and why they’re two separate procedures, we then consider both in conjunction with one another and if it’s necessary to have both breast procedures at one time.

Breast Augmentation Adds, While Breast Lift…Lifts

When you meet with Dr. Vasisht, he will explain the difference between both of these routine procedures that he performs all the time and is passionate about the results he provides to his female patients. First, we’ll talk about volume. If you want more of it, then we should talk about breast implants or fat transfer. Breast augmentation is facilitated by adding fat via body liposuction from the areas you want it removed so that we can inject the fat into the breast tissue without worry of rejection since it’s your fat—your own tissues. Implants are sacs of silicone or saline that will replace lost volume or introduce new and abundant size to the breasts. Even with implants in the breasts or fat cells to increase their size, they may still be a little lower than you want them to be.

If you feel that the size of your girls are up to par, but you just don’t like how low they sit then a lift is for you. A breast lift changes the positioning of the breasts from dropped to raised and wonderful. This means that during treatment, we re- position the fatty tissue in the breasts, breast tissue, remove any loose skin that allows the breast to shift lower and lower. We may even reconstruct the muscles in the chest wall that have suffered from the added weight in the breasts as they fall over time.

We can combine these two procedures to lift and add volume, to create a complete breast enhancement plan to make every part of your breasts look the way you want them to and have waited long enough to see. We understand here at South Shore Plastic Surgery and think it’s a good idea to see a digital representation of both options separately and together after an overview of the breast condition we see currently.

Scarring Isn’t the Same in Breast Augmentation and Lift Either

There are a few different types of cuts we can make into the breast skin to rearrange breast tissue, to restructure the breasts and to lift. These incisions won’t be the same based on your needs for either procedure or both. In consultation, Dr. Vasisht will let you know which incision is your best option.

  • Periareolar Incision: Cut around the areola, the darkened nipple areola complex. Slight line scar here.
  • Transaxillary Incision: We cut and insert the implant through the armpit, so there’s no scar here. This incision can only be done once so in the future if you need adjustments or increased volume, we’ll go another route.
  • Inframammary Incision: Below your breast, which is often in the natural fold which everyone loves if we can do it this way. Depending on what you would like done and how much (if you have a lift).
  • Transumbilical Incision: We go through a tiny cut into the bellybutton but only if you decide to have saline implants in breast augmentation.

All four of these incisions are a possibility in breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer, but with lift, we normally use the inframammary incision and of- ten go around the areola in an anchor shape, so it’s easier to remove extra skin are reconnect what’s left. Instant lift, ladies!

To learn more about the differences we see in breast augmentation and breast lift with Dr. Vasisht at South Shore Plastic Surgery, please call us at 856.784.2639.