39 year old female with very large heavy breasts. She had severe back pain and shoulder grooving from the bras. She underwent a Wise pattern breast reduction removing about 700 to 800 gms of breast tissue.52 year old with large droopy breasts. She underwent a breast reduction with removal of about 500 gms of breast tissue per side.62 year old female with extremely large breasts. Severe back pain and shoulder grooving is obvious. She underwent breast reduction surgery that still gives her a nice appearance to the breasts. She is now able to resume all activities since the surgery.25 year old extremely shy female with large and asymmetric breasts. She underwent a breast reduction and correction of the asymmetric breasts. Now she is extremely happy with the outcome and feels her confidence has been restored.65 year old with extremely large breasts also now after her breast reduction surgery feels happy that she can resume all her activities.69 year old female with  gigantomastia who presents with severe symptoms related to the extreme case of large breasts. She underwent breast reduction with about 1.2 kg of breast tissue is removed from each breast. She is now living more of a happy life as a result of this surgery.