Breast Augmentation

36 year old female with an asymmetric breast on the right due to a leaking saline implant. She underwent a revision of this problem and replacement of the saline implants with cohesive gel implants. Patient has a nice outcome post surgery.42 year old with capsular contracture of the both breasts. She underwent bilateral capsule removal and change of implants to a more natural position. She did well post surgery.45 year old with capsular contracture of both breasts and implants in a high position. She underwent a correction of her breast capsular contracture and implant position. She now has a nice contour with gel implants that are in better position. She was very pleased with the results.52 year old female who came to us with a condition called synmastia. She had undergone repeated surgery to the breasts over the years and this resulted in synmastia. In this case the breasts are no longer separate from each other. This presents a very challenging problem to fix. She underwent a correction of this problem to separate the breasts in the middle. She now has nicer countour and the synmastia is corrected as can be seen. She was very happy with this result.