It’s an unfortunate change in the male body when additional breast tissues accumulate to form what resembles female breasts. How this extra breast tissue and enlarged nipple-areola complex starts is often hormonal and begins developing in adolescent years for most men. Dr. Vasisht helps many male patients understand that this breast condition is common and can be reduced to calm any emotional distress and physical discomfort.

If you’re someone that struggles with female-like breasts on your chest but want to create a smoother, more masculine pectoral look, this surgical procedure is the best option to get rid of the problem. These male breasts not only make guys feel self-conscious about every piece of clothing they wear but cause them to excuse themselves from so many activities that involve removing their shirts. While gynecomastia isn’t life-threatening, the psychological distress is more than enough reason to consider the surgery. So, guys, we hear you! Let’s talk gynecomastia at South Shore Plastic Surgery.

Psychological Issues Surrounding Breasts in Young Men

No one wants to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when it comes to working out, wearing fitted shirts, and finally, letting loose in the summer sun. It’s the Jersey Shore, and we want you to enjoy yourself. For young men suffering from gynecomastia, we see the issue of reduced self-confidence and a stigma that can follow you into adulthood. Since this problem presents itself in teen years, we know that this time can be a tough one. Young men should have the option to reduce the extra breast tissue, contour the area and minimize larger sized areoles that can also be present with gynecomastia.

Older men struggling with their appearance, no matter how much they workout and eat well can’t seem to get rid of them and it can affect everything from your social life to your sex life. If you’re shy, that’s one thing that you can break out of, but if you’re feeling down about your appearance then there’s got to be something you can do so you can be comfortable enough to enjoy yourself, and everyone around you can relish in your amazing personality. Don’t let gynecomastia get the best of you but explore your options because there is one—gynecomastia surgery.

We Can Help Reduce Them for You!

We can solve the problem of male breasts right in the office with Dr. Vasisht. If you’re hoping to take care of the issue discretely and with a personalized experience, where you and your surgeon can plan every detail, so you get the look in your chest you’ve always wanted, Dr. Vasisht can get you there. Dr. Vasisht uses a combination of VASER HiDef to break down excess fatty tissue in the breasts, and subcutaneous mastectomy to remove non-uniform tissue we’re not able to remove seamlessly with liposuction. We can reduce these male breasts under local anesthesia where you’re comfortable and cared for by the same physician all the way through to the end and by staff you know. During this reconstruction surgery, Dr. Vasisht will not only reshape the area but will cut away extra skin that might look loose or cause sagging after the fatty tissue is removed. In under a week, you’ll see the results in the clothes you wear and how you feel in your own skin, with the most naturally appearing surgery for men.

If you would like to see how we perform this surgery first hand, click through to our video on gynecomastia with Dr. Vasisht. Don’t feel embarrassed, but be bold and schedule a consultation for gynecomastia surgery today at South Shore Plastic Surgery by calling 856.784.2639.