If you are like many of the clients we see here at South Shore Plastic Surgery, then you know what it’s like to get excited about your cosmetic procedures only to find that you’re overwhelmed with the variety of plastic surgeons able to do it. So where do you start looking? Our clients spent days sifting through listings and possibly stopped by a few different plastic surgeons’ offices before finally choosing the skilled plastic surgeons at South Shore Plastic Surgery.

One of the main things we offer our clients is not only the best individualized care but artistry in plastics they couldn’t find elsewhere. We’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks you can use to snag the right surgeon. Because as you all know, even when we cultivate friendships, it’s not the case that every person meshes well with your personality so not every plastic surgeon will have the same vision that you do. So, how do you find the right plastic surgeon in New Jersey?

Read reviews, research on the web, consultations are crucial!

One of the best tips we offer our patients when they come in is to conduct a few online searches so you can explore the variety of surgeons in your area, surgeons in New Jersey. We invite every potential client to come in and sit down with Dr. Vasisht so they can talk about their ideas and vision. We spend time with our patients, ask them where they found us and why (when they come back for their surgery) do they stay with us. Most of our patients say they found us online, saw our detailed before and after photos, as well as our stellar reviews and finally that they felt comfortable and heard.

There are so many different ways you can conduct online research to make sure the surgeons you make appointments with are worth your time. One of the things we tell recommend is to look elsewhere online other than the surgeon’s website. Many other websites are available that report honest reviews and authentic client experiences with that surgeon and practice, and we want you to explore them all. Other sites offer surgical advice like Real Self, where surgeons from all over the world can comment on the various techniques of surgery, offering up their personal surgical photos and videos to help guide patients in the right direction. On Real Self, you can research particular surgeons and check out the advice they provide, get a little insight on how they do things.

Not only are digital reviews of the surgeon’s work relevant, but the consultation and the one on one time you get with this surgeon is everything. If you don’t feel completely comfortable or respected during the consultation or if they’re not answering your questions and ignoring your comments, then this person is probably not for you. Pay attention to every aspect of your visit including the staff, the look of the office and their demeanor as every little detail counts. Now you can go out there and explore with confidence!

Dr. Vasisht would be perfect for you!

At South Shore Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, Dr. Vasisht is in the business of changing people’s lives and creating lasting bonds with his patients, so they know they’re cared for even after surgery is done. When you’re looking for the right surgeon, make sure they listen to you as you talk through your surgical expectations as well as offer you a variety of viable options to help you make your choices easily. During your consultation with Dr. Vasisht, he will take notes and provide recommendations based on your surgical goals with grace. Patients feel confident and comfortable in their choice to work with him since they know all of their questions are answered and everything from pre and post-op activities are laid out in advance. You’ll get a detailed surgical plan with careful follow-up with mock up’s to show the potential outcome of your procedure.

To learn more about Dr. Vasisht, his surgical team, and examples of his work, browse the website here or call South Shore Plastic Surgeons at 856.784.2639.