Improving Back Pain with a Tummy Tuck

Recently, I was asked an interesting question during consultation for an Abdominoplasty.

Can a Tummy Tuck help my back pain?

This question is often the reason most patients with large breasts seek breast reduction.

But, interestingly Tummy Tucks can also improve back pain.

Millions of women deal with back pain daily. Although there are many reasons for back pain, one of those reasons can often be severe Diastasis Recti. Most who seek Tummy Tuck understand that pregnancy can stretch the Rectus Abdominis muscle. What is often overlooked is how pregnancy and weight gain can also affect the other core muscles.

Those suffering from back pain often require physical therapy to improve their pain. Their therapy is set around exercises that are designed to improve the core muscles. The theory being that with a stable core, the tension is lessened to the back muscles. A recent study confirms that improving the core muscles does improve back pain.

During an Abdominoplasty, I do spend a lot of time tightening the loose muscles. The repair also helps to strengthen the surrounding core muscles. This has the effect of improving the contour cosmetically, but also improving the functionality of the muscles. It can have a profound impact on improving the back pain in most patients who suffer from this.

In a recent informal surgery of 10 patients in my own practice, who had severe Diastasis and in some cases hernia of the abdominal wall, 50% of the patients also had severe lower back pain. All those patients, who reported the back pain, also reported that the tummy tuck helped improve their back pain. Interestingly, a majority of the patients, who did NOT have pre-surgical back pain felt they already had strong back muscles from aggressive exercising of their core. In conclusion, the repair of post pregnancy Diastasis Recti at the time of the tummy tuck can significantly improve lower back pain caused by the Diastasis Recti.