Male Circumferential Body Lift

Circumferential body lift is a procedure that involves contouring the entire torso. In general this procedure is done in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, either on their own or after any one of the bariatric surgical procedures. Obviously this is true for both women and men alike. However recently in our practice we have had the occasion to do this type of surgery on a number of men.

There are a few differences in men when it comes to body contouring. One of among them is the rectus abdominis muscle. In women, usually pregnancy also complicates the changes to the abdominal area which we call diastasis recti, whereas in men this is NOT always the case. In men, the muscle often remains unchanged even after the weight gain.

If the muscle is not diastatic, then muscle tightening is NOT required. This is better for the patient and makes their recovery less ardous and less painful. Of course, this is based on a good physical examination before the surgery and does NOT apply to every male patient. Unfortunately, complications from this surgery can still happen, although the rates of complications become less when there is no diastasis repair.

The photograph shows a recent patient in his 30’s, who underwent circumferential body lift after having lost weight through exercise and diet. This patient did not require a muscle diastasis repair. Unfortunately, he did have to deal with late seroma, which required drainage in the office. Eventually, he resolved this issue and went on to heal well. He now looks well-contoured with well-placed scars. The patient now feels confident with his new body.