42 year old male with protruding ears. He underwent an otoplasty with pinning of the ear to a more desirable position. He is happy that he was able to achieve his goal after many years of waiting to have this surgery. He has a nice natural appearance.12 year old girl with large protruding ears. She also underwent ear pinning or otoplasty to correct this issue. Now she is more confident and has a better outlook on life.15 year old male who had large protruding ears. Now he is happy that he is more confident and does not feel self-conscious about his appearance. He smiles more now according to his mother.25 year old male with large protruding ears. He underwent my technique for ear pinning in the office setting. He did well and now feels more confident at his job and just with life in general.28 year old male with protruding ears. Now with my technique we can add defining characteristics to the ear to make the ear more cosmetically appealing as well. This shows that the bend in the cartilage is more defined in the ear.24 year old male with large protruding ear lobes. He underwent a reduction of the earlobe and now has a nice a more cosmetically appearing earlobes.82 year old with extremely large earlobes that are thinned out due to aging. She underwent an earlobe reduction that makes the earlobes more aesthetically pleasing. She can also wear earrings now.