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As the first quarter of the New Year comes to an end, it can be a good time to start thinking about your next batch of goals. We all want to change our appearance so we’ll look great in photos that will last for generations. Looking in the mirror for a few minutes will show you all you need to know for these future goals and what you need to do to get started on your look. At South Shore Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vasisht encourages patients to look to chemical peels to reveal the best skin they’ve ever seen. Newly uncovered skin is healthy and treatable so you can get rid of premature aging, improve cell restoration and maintain your youngest skin in years that will last all year long. A blank canvas calls up a masterpiece, as a fresh face does for a plastic surgeon and enthusiastic patient— you!

Chemical Peels Are Great for Your Skin and Can Correct Any Issue

When all types of weather has beaten down that pretty face of yours, a few wrinkles and textural differences become clear in the way the skin feels to the touch and how it looks on a daily basis. Whether or not you’ve experienced wind, rain, snow or lots of sunshine all year, sun damage can bring out excessive drying, burns and an accumulation of dead cells that no longer function the way they did. As we say at South Shore Plastic Surgery, out with the old and in with your fresh face. Chemical peels can reverse sun damage, pigmentation in various hues (brown spots and red patches), soften fine lines, reintroduce volume and moisture to these layers of skin. We know clearer skin is dying to get to the surface to remove any issue with premature aging and a chemical peel removes the obstacle.

Chemical Peels work in a few different ways starting with their strength. Whether you need a deeper peel or one that’s much lighter, therefore gentler on the skin or one that’s in between, Dr. Vasisht will analyze your skin to recommend the best option. Based on your personal skin care needs and how deep this damage goes, we might begin with a lighter strength and increase the effect in a few treatments to bring out your best result.

The Chemical Peels are applied to the skin after a thorough cleansing and aesthetic numbing cream to make the process more comfortable. We then add a layer of the chemical peel solution starting at the top of the face down to the chin and neck, possibly the chest as well and allow it to set into the skin. The skin might reveal a little pink coloring as the peel begins working on the top most layers to cause peeling over time. After a few minutes or so, the peel is removed with a neutralizing solution to deactivate the acid and your skin is cleaned and moisturized.

New Skin, New You

After the next few days, you’ll see the change in your skin as the old layers of damaged cells begin to peel away and new, lighter skin with a polished glow peeks through. We provide you with a special moisturizer to maintain hydration and exfoliation of the damaged skin. You’ll see a new you with the most stunning complexion you’ve had yet. The skin that remains is supple and nutrient filled, ready to receive essential vitamins and nourishing factors that will call on new collagen and elastin to volumize, lift and tighten the face. Any sun damage and discoloration is gone and smoother, youthful skin is left so you can be confident and look rejuvenated.

If you live in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area, call South Shore Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation for a fresh face chemical peel with Dr. Vasisht at 856.784.2639.