Philanthropic Efforts

Dr. Vasisht, at South Shore Plastic Surgery, has made philanthropy a priority in his practice. With the help of some his colleagues, he has started two charity organizations over the years, Destination Hope and The American Society of Indian Plastic Surgeons. Every year, he travels to some remote part of the world to offer a helping hand.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Vasisht has travelled to the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal to perform plastic surgery to the most severely underserved areas of the world. Most of these missions involve performing cleft lips and palates. It is not, however, unusual for him to perform burn reconstruction and help those affected by natural disasters like earthquake victims of Nepal in 2015.

“Philanthropy is a universal and inherent part of human existence. When the need is great, the outreach needs to be equal or greater from those of us who can offer a lending hand,” according to Dr. Vasisht.