Solution for Tuberous Breast Deformity

Once in a while I will encounter a certain type of patient who is seeking breast augmentation. Often this patient does not realize that the reason she does not like her breasts has to do with not only the small size but also the shape of the breasts. She has tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts have a number of characteristics that make them unique. It is important to state that there is nothing wrong with these breasts. This is strictly a cosmetic issue for most women.

Tuberous breasts have a narrow base width and a high constricted infra-mammary fold. The breasts are conical in shape and have the appearance of underdeveloped breasts. In fact they are actually fully developed but lack the proper aesthetics. In severe cases of tuberous breasts, the nipple areolar complex is often large and misshapen due to breast tissue that herniates behind the areolae.

Breast augmentation is the best solution to improve the appearance of these breasts. These cases are challenging. They require a level of understanding of the proper aesthetic relationship of the breasts. This again is where the art and science comes together to sculpt beautiful breasts. These procedures are very satisfying for patients and I love doing them.

Below is the patient shown about 3 months post surgery using implants. She is very happy.