Top 5 things to Know Before your Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is wonderful but can also cause dramatic body changes that are irreversible for some women. Sagging, extra skin, and stretch marks are issues you cannot “work off” through exercise. If you are done having kids and are considering rejuvenating your body, here are a few things you should know beforehand:1. You May Be Emotional

Like most moms who are used to putting their kids first, it can be difficult to put your self-confidence first and give yourself love, that as women we all deeply desire. How you feel when you look in the mirror is an important element of self-confidence and you shouldn’t feel guilty about gifting that to yourself! Loving yourself first and giving yourself this time can be tricky.

Additionally you will most likely be on pain medications after your procedure, while you heal. This will also contribute to feeling more emotional and you may cry more easily. Just remember – there is nothing wrong with you, it is simply a part of the process.

2. Holy Implants!

If you decide to get implants, know that the initial appearance may throw you off. With any surgery there will be post-op swelling due to inflammation that will take time to go down. After the swelling goes down, the implants will drop into place. Do NOT freak out – this is not your final look. Some women can tend to panic and re-think their size choice. Overall, after the swelling fades, most women are in fact satisfied with their chosen size.

3. Stop & Drop

This is not a minor procedure. Mommy makeovers require you take off as much time as possible, with an average of 10-14 days.

Like most moms you may struggle with having to sit there and do nothing, however it is imperative that you let family and friends take over.

Getting plenty of rest and following post-op instructions will help you heal much faster!4. You Still Need Exercise!

Like most who consider a Mommy Makeover, you probably have already tried exercise to address your problem areas. For some, exercise is just not enough be satisfied with your post maternal body.

Once you are cleared for exercise it is in your best interest to get back into a physical routine. This will help your body gain strength and heal faster.

5. Be Honest with Your Loved Ones

You simply can’t hide having this surgery. Not only because the results will be so fabulous that people will ask what you have done, but also due to the length of recovery time. You need to be upfront with your husband and kids about the time Mommy will be out of commission. By putting yourself first for a few short weeks, you will be able to resume all your mommy duties healthy and happy!