37 year old female with classic changes from pregnancy. She has stretchmarks and diastasis (weakness) of her abdominal muscles. She underwent a tummy tuck with lipocontouring and scultping to improve her abdominal contour. She is happy with the outcome and her self-confidence is restored.53 year old male with post weighloss changes to his abdomen. He underwent an abdominoplasty with hernia repair at the same time. He has marked improved in his abdomen contour.38 year old female with loose skin and poor fat deposition. She underwent a tummy tuck and liposculpting to restore all the contour issues.35 year old female with post pregnancy changes who underwent a nice abdominoplasty with sculpting of her abdomen. Her scars have healed nicely and her contour is improved.37 year old female with severe abdominal diastasis and stretched skin. She underwent liposcultping of her flanks and a tummy tuck. She has happy with the outcome because now she has more natural hour glass shape to her mid-section.41 year female old with severe loose areolar skin and minimal diastasis. She underwent an abdominoplasty with lipocontouring and sculpting. She has a nice natural youthful appearance of her abdomen43 year old with stretchmarks and moderate diastasis and also she has an umbilical hernia. Her surgery was performed in conjunction with a general surgeon who performed a laparascopic hernia repair. She has a nice contour post surgery and was very pleased with the outcome.66 year old female with  « double bubble » appearance to her abdomen. She also underwent a tummy tuck and has a nice contour as a result in the post operative period.41 year old active athletic female with poor diastasis and stretched skin from her pregnancy. She underwent a tummy tuck with sculpting and now has a nice contour after the surgery.53 year old with severe diastasis and scarring from previous abdominal surgery. She underwent a tummy tuck and liposculpting of her abdomen. She looks great after the surgery with a nice hour glass shape.28 year old with diastasis and strethmarks after her pregnancies. She now has a restored natural contour to her abdomen. Her self-confidence is restored as well.55 year old with post weightloss changes to her abdominal contour. She underwent an extended (circumferential) body contouring surgery to improve this area for her. She now has a nice contour and she looks great.39 year old with typical changes associated with pregnancies. Now she has a nice contour and a sexy natural abdomen.43 year old with poor contour to her breasts and abdomen after pregnancies. She underwent a breast lift with augmentation with a tummy tuck combined procedure. She now looks great and feels more confident in her appearance.