Face Procedures

With spring finally underway, prepare your skin for the onslaught of harsh ultraviolet rays with invigorating HydraFacial treatments. HydraFacial’s unique four-step approach to skin rejuvenation targets and eliminates skin irregularities due to acne, sun damage and aging while also preparing your face for the sunny season ahead.

At South Shore Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vasisht and our expert staff are excited to offer patients a gentle, noninvasive skin treatment option that provides instant results. The key to flawless skin shouldn’t be kept a secret, and it no longer has to be with effective HydraFacial treatments from South Shore Plastic Surgery.

What Is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a noninvasive treatment that uses a system of serums and vortex-powered extraction to remove impurities and hydrate the skin. HydraFacials begin with gentle cleansing and exfoliation using the HydraFacial handheld device. The device is passed over the face to remove the top layer of dead skin and debris in preparation for a revitalizing acid peel.

Next, the acid peel is applied to remove the uppermost layer of dull skin, giving new, fresh cells the chance to shine. Unlike other chemical peels, the acid peel used during HydraFacial treatments does not irritate the skin and will not result in common side effects like peeling and dryness.

The HydraFacial device is equipped with a patented vortex suction tip that pulls impurities right out of the pores. After the acid peel has opened up the skin and been washed off, the tip of the suction device is used to extract and eliminate any pore-clogging grime. Finally, a serum rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid is applied to give the skin a boost of hydration, providing that instant glow that sets HydraFacial apart from the competition.

No Side Effects, No Downtime

HydraFacial’s systematic treatment approach attacks blemishes and irregularities without drying out the skin. You can enjoy the perks of a refreshing skin treatment without having to hide your face due to irritating side effects. Your skin may appear a bit rosier for a short time, but serious side effects are nonexistent.

The average HydraFacial appointment lasts about 30 minutes. This short treatment time, coupled with a complete lack of side effects, makes HydraFacials the perfect lunchtime appointment. You can proudly show off your clear, youthful skin immediately after a HydraFacial without the downtime commonly associated with comparable treatments.

Optimal Results with a Series of Treatments

While your skin will show marked improvement after just a single HydraFacial, Dr. Vasisht recommends a series of four to six treatments to provide optimal results. Appointments can be spaced out every four to six weeks to improve your skin significantly in just a few months. HydraFacial treatments are painless and comfortable, so scheduling your next appointment will be an easy choice. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find time to come in, so will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that accommodates your busy schedule.

Revitalize Your Skin at South Shore Plastic Surgery

Whether your skin has suffered from the damaging effects of acne, needs some help combating the effects of aging or could use a pick-me-up after a winter spent indoors, come on in for a HydraFacial today. HydraFacial treatments are tailored to the unique needs and concerns of each patient, making them a versatile choice for patients of all skin types and sensitivities. HydraFacials can even be used on other parts of the body like the neck and décolleté, so be sure to let us know if you are interested in a comprehensive treatment plan during your initial consultation.

At South Shore Plastic Surgery, we want to help you meet your skin care goals. If your skin has taken on a tired or dull appearance, then come on into our offices to schedule a HydraFacial treatment. Call us today at 856-322-8100 to book your appointment.