Aside from those who have hit the genetic-jackpot, the desire for a firm and flat stomach is pretty universal amongst most people. Unfortunately for many, stubborn fat loves to take up permanent residence in the midsection, and typical milestones such as pregnancy or significant weight loss can result in loose skin or weakened muscles that further exacerbate the appearance of a round belly. While diet and exercise are the most effective tools to lose weight and tone the body overall, it is virtually impossible to target belly fat—or excess skin—specifically through these methods alone.

Fortunately, body contouring treatments, whether surgical or nonsurgical, are procedures that are designed for the specific purpose of improving your body’s shape and natural contours for a more attractive and proportional figure. Using a variety of techniques and technologies, body contouring treatments offer a handful of benefits that most people cannot achieve on their own, like eliminating localized fat, firming the muscles, or tightening loose skin that has lost its elasticity. However, when it comes to your protruding midsection, the most dramatic and lasting results from body-contouring are best achieved through tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery, otherwise known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to smooth and flatten the abdomen by removing any excess skin and fat as well as repairing damaged muscles in the abdominal wall. Tummy tucks rank amongst the top five most-requested cosmetic procedures each year, and its popularity continues to grow despite the emergence of newer noninvasive body contouring treatments. When it comes to a complete rejuvenation of the midsection, no other body-shaping treatment can offer the stunning and long-lasting abdominal transformation that an abdominoplasty can.

Comprehensive Body-Shaping

With so many body-shaping procedure options available today, it can be challenging to know which will yield the best results for you. Treatments such as CoolSculpting or liposuction are highly-effective at reducing the appearance of stubborn fat, but they are not typically ideal for individuals looking for a significant aesthetic improvement. CoolSculpting, which freezes fat cells to death, often requires a series of treatments to achieve your desired results. Liposuction, which suctions your fat cells directly out of your problem areas, can usually deliver ideal results within a single treatment. However, as neither of these procedures will correct excess stomach skin or loosened abdominal muscles, they are not ideal options if you have these concerns.

Whereas most body contouring treatments only focus on addressing a single concern, like eliminating fat cells, tummy tuck surgery comprehensively addresses the skin, fat and muscles of the abdomen within a single operation. If you are hoping to reverse the toll that child-bearing, weight loss or aging has taken on your stomach, tummy tuck surgery by a board-certified surgeon such as Dr. V is the surest way to a taut and smooth midsection.
Multiple Surgical Options

Depending on your individual needs and concerns, tummy tucks have multiple surgical approaches that vary by technique, total recovery time and final results. At South Shore Plastic Surgery, we offer two different options for tummy tuck surgery depending on the extent of abdominal correction you require. During your initial consultation, Dr. V will help you to determine which of these options will provide the best outcome for you and your goals :

Full or Traditional Tummy Tuck: The full tummy tuck is by far the most common and works to restore the entirety of the abdominal wall. If you are troubled by the appearance of excess skin folds and flabbiness both above and below the belly button, this is likely the best option for you. During a full tummy tuck procedure, a horizontal incision will be made above the pubic mound for Dr. V to remove excess fat and skin as well as tighten the abdominal muscles. The remaining skin will be draped over the area and pulled tight to enhance your abdominal contours. Your belly button may also be relocated to a more natural position on the stomach once the excess skin will be removed.

Partial or Mini Tummy Tuck: The mini tummy tuck is an ideal option for patients whose concerns may not yet warrant a full tummy tuck procedure. As a less extensive surgery, the best candidates for this option will typically only have excess fat and skin present below their belly button. Similar to the full tummy tuck, a horizontal incision will be placed above the pubic mound in a mini tummy tuck; however, it will be much shorter in length. Dr. V will tighten the abdominal muscles and skin to create a smoother and flatter waistline. The benefits of a mini tummy include a quicker procedure, shorter surgical scar and a shorter recovery process.

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Lifestyle milestones such as pregnancy and child-bearing can permanently alter the appearance of the stomach as well as it’s internal structure. An inner girdle made up of connective tissues known as the abdominal fascia can become permanently stretched and separate from the abdominal muscles during pregnancy— worsening the appearance of a round, protruding stomach. Unfortunately, the only way to reverse this is through surgical intervention with a tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks may be performed on their own to restore the abdominal wall or be included within a “Mommy Makeover” surgical plan for an all-encompassing rejuvenation. A mommy makeover refers to a customized set of cosmetic procedures designed to reverse many of the adverse effects of pregnancy on the body. Patients will frequently combine their tummy tuck procedure with a breast lift or breast augmentation to reshape the breasts into a more youthful and perky position on the chest wall. Many patients will also opt for liposuction to target any additional problem spots on their body that may be plaguing their appearance.

If genetics, pregnancy, weight loss, or getting older has left you feeling less than satisfied with the appearance of your stomach, a tummy tuck is the most effective body contouring option to turn back time and give you a firm and youthful midsection that lasts for years to come. To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, contact South Shore Plastic Surgery today at 856-784-2639 to schedule your consultation.