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Believe it or not surgical and nonsurgical body contouring treatments, such as liposuction, are some of the most popular procedures during the winter months. Why are these treatments so popular during the coolest months of the year? Because while most people are covering up and trying hard to ignore the added weight as the holidays come and go, others are preparing for the great unveiling. At South Shore Plastic Surgery we’ve got the coolest procedure this winter— CoolSculpting—and you’re going to wish you knew about this sooner. CoolSculpting is one of the best fat trimming, non-invasive therapies that uses cool temperature applications to freeze fat away instead of melting the fat.

Why CoolSculpting is Amazing!

Our CoolSculpting treatment is for our patients that have already done the hard part of losing the extra weight, but just need a trim around the edges to make everything look contoured and beautiful. Many of our patients come in with questions about liposuction, but they don’t all need the surgery, so we recommend this fat freezing therapy to take care of these surface fat cells so there’s no time for recovery. Without surgery, you can still get the sculpted look you want without suffering through your holiday break.

CoolSculpting Benefits:

  • No downtime
  • Comfortable
  • Done in under an hour
  • Lose up to 25 percent of your excess fat
  • Works on the abdomen, arms, under the chin, love handles and thighs
  • Crystallizes fat to destroy cells for good
  • One treatment is all you need

Why You Need to Have it Done

While other treatments require heating of the fat to metabolize it slowly, the fat cells are not actually killed off by heat. CoolSculpting technology crystallizes these cells to the point where they shatter and are broken down by your body, so they are completely removed from your system. Over time you’ll naturally break the fat down, absorb and excrete it. These cells won’t grow back, but it’s important to know that if you should gain more weight, then new fat cells will replace the ones you’ve already targeted.

Our CoolSculpting Consultation

When you come in for your consultation, we will work with you on a weight loss plan so you can reach your weight goals before any CoolSculpting therapy. We want you to get the most our of your CoolSculpting treatment, so it’s best to be within about ten pounds of this weight. Before we work on any application with CoolSculpting, we like to create a plan that covers all the areas you want to freeze away the fat. Dr. Vasisht Will explain the look you can expect once your treatment is completed.

Our clients love how simple this CoolSculpting treatment is because they can sit back and relax without any disruption to their lives where surgeries usually cause some pain and require weeks of recovery. You need to have this done since it supports your gym efforts by freezing away the asymmetrical fat that gets in the way of your exercise and healthy diet results. Over the next few months, you will see the change in your body as these fatty layers fade away. You only need one treatment, and we know that’s a big change for many of you. Dr. Vasisht is always looking for the best nonsurgical and surgical solutions to make your life easier and full.

Our CoolSculpting treatment is the best way to begin the new year. Call South Shore Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation at 856.784.2639.