That’s right, we mean you! Mothers everywhere are catching on to the fact that their bodies have changed since their pregnancies. Although, there may be something they can do to redefine their bodies with Dr. Vasisht’s skilled vision. We have got an amazing combination of treatments that will restore your body, turning back the clock for a new you. It’s time for your makeover with our mommy makeover surgical package focusing on all the areas that have changed during your pregnancy. At South Shore Plastic Surgery, the mommies we treat in the New Jersey area are getting the full treatment so they can feel healthy and happy with their look. Dr. Vasisht recommends looking into mommy makeover procedures roughly six months after your last pregnancy. With a baby to cuddle and play with, you won’t even notice the time!

Modifications Your Body Makes in Pregnancy

Preparing for a new baby doesn’t just require redecorating and a new crib, but the female body must change to hold and nurture the developing baby. As soon as we know a baby in on the way, the brain sends hormonal signals to areas of the body that need expanding such as the tummy, pelvis, and the breasts. When a mother is expecting, her body goes through modifications naturally that line the uterus with fresh tissues, broaden the space in the belly for the child, and enlarge the breast tissues as mammary glands fill with nourishment. Women also tend to hold onto extra fat for energy, insulation, and added nutrition.

When these changes start, you’ll likely have gained weight and the skin around your breasts, tummy, thighs, arms and everywhere else you tend to accumulate extra love will stretch. After pregnancy, some things will start to shrink, and you can lose most of the baby weight but the excess skin and stretch marks may not ever change naturally. Women want to feel like themselves again, to reclaim their bodies before baby. Our mommy makeover surgical package will focus on three procedures for the breasts, tummy and specific areas of the body.

Understanding That it’s Okay to do Something for Yourself

Many women worry that these procedures may not be for them, thinking it’s too much change so quickly or that they’re removing the memory of their children. We want you to know that it’s okay to do something for yourself and your children won’t mind one bit. Taking care of you is necessary, and that means mentally and physically. Every mother should practice self-care because it’s easy to forget about when you’re running around taking care of the whole family. Check out the procedures below and find out why so many women are finally making a change for the better. These mommy makeover procedures include:

  • Liposuction: We offer liposuction to reduce the amount of residual fat left over during your pregnancy. The thighs, under the arms and tummy areas, will have excess skin and fat lingering which will heavily benefit from our SmartLipo treatments that reduce excess fat and tighten the skin through thermal energy applications. A small cannula in a minimally invasive procedure will scrape away fat as it melts and removes these cells while produces new collagen in the skin.
  • Tummy Tuck: We focus entirely on the abdominal area here as the skin and muscle tissues have stressed and stretched for birth. Why not give your tummy a break and re-structure the muscle layer, remove any extra skin, and tighten up the area.
  • Breast Augmentation and Lift: When breast tissue expands, ladies love the extra volume but once the baby is born volume changes and all we’re left with are drooping breasts. The breast augmentation can add volume through fat transfer and an introduction of implants. We can also lift the breasts to a higher position that will change your body proportions and aesthetics.

If you live in New Jersey, NJ or Philadelphia, PA call South Shore Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment today for your mommy makeover treatment at 856.784.2639. This is the best gift you can give yourself!