With winter on its way, now is a great time to shed that unwanted fat that just refuses to let go. Dieting and exercising can have truly transformative results, but sometimes they just can’t eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. When you run out of options, Dr. Vasisht and the experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery are here to help.

Dr. Vasisht offers procedures to remove fat and target specific areas of the body to create a slimmer and better-proportioned figure in time for spring. Whether you’re interested in surgical or noninvasive methods, Dr. Vasisht has options for you to achieve your fat loss goals.

Fat Loss Procedures

Dr. Vasisht offers both liposuction and CoolSculpting to his patients. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat by inserting a cannula through small incisions in the body. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment that freezes fat cells through a controlled process called cryolipolysis. Both have similar results, but different means of achieving them.

Liposuction is desirable for those looking to remove larger pockets of fat at once. It has immediate results since the fat is suctioned out directly from the targeted areas, but it is a surgical procedure that requires downtime and recovery. Recovery can take up to a few weeks and will require a few days off from work while your body heals.

CoolSculpting is a good choice if you’d like to remove small pockets of fat without scars or downtime. The CoolSculpt applicator attaches to the targeted area and freezes the fat cells until they die off, but leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. The body then removes the dead fat cells over a period of two to four months. Each CoolSculpting session removes about 25 percent of the targeted body fat, so multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Both CoolSculpting and liposuction require that patients be in good help and generally within 20 to 25 pounds of their ideal body weight. They’re not meant to be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but can help you get rid of those stubborn bulges for good if nothing else seems to work.

Why Schedule an Appointment During Winter?

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are effective options to remove fat and give you the slimmer figure you deserve. However, a complete recovery from liposuction and optimal results from CoolSculpting can take time to fully develop.

Recovery from liposuction lasts a few days following the procedure, and most patients can return to all of their regular activities, including strenuous exercise, within a couple of weeks. Residual swelling from the procedure can take two to three months to fully subside, so scheduling your liposuction appointment during the winter to have your body ready for spring is highly recommended.

Because multiple sessions are needed for CoolSculpting to produce the best results, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead if you’d like your fat loss goals to be met by a certain time. At least two CoolSculpting sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart, are recommended to achieve optimal results, so plan on scheduling your first appointment up to six months before you’d like to see your final results.

Whatever method best suits your needs, winter is the time to finally schedule that fat loss appointment. Call South Shore Plastic Surgery at 856-322-8100 today to plan a consultation with Dr. Vasisht and get your beach body ready in time for spring break.