What Can You Expect From a Body Lift Procedure?

Have you recently lost a significant amount of weight? Has your skin lost its youthful elasticity? Do you have excess fat and skin in one or more areas? You may want to improve the overall contours of your body and show off your more slender figure, but you’re wondering if body lift surgery is the […]

Liposuction for Beginners

Working to achieve your dream body can be a fulfilling journey. You watch in the mirror as your results show a new version of yourself slowly appearing before your eyes. However, on the flip side, it can be downright frustrating when stubborn pockets of fat and tissue refuse to melt away despite your laborious efforts. […]

A Complete Guide to Breast Implant Options

Figuring out what breast implants are right for you can be a difficult decision, and that is considering the fact that most people will only be troubled about what size implant they should move forward with, not the numerous other categories that are available to them.  While size is an important consideration, at South Shore […]

How to Prepare For and Recover From a Tummy Tuck

Awesome, you’ve made an exciting decision. You’re about to get slimmer with the flat abs you’ve been dreaming of by having an abdominoplasty (referred to as a tummy tuck surgery). And now, you might be wondering what you can do to enhance your experience before and after. You obviously want the best results and the […]