Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift? What’s Right for Me

Many women often ask which one is best for me and understanding the volume of your breasts it’s important we know how much we want to add to them. Breast augmentation and breast enhancement are two terms for this procedure that are used side by side because enhancing them in size, style and shape are […]

Breast Reduction: When is the Right Time?

The conversation about breast reduction isn’t as popular as the one about breast enhancement and the implants involved, between friends or plastic surgeons and their patients. When you hear about breast surgeries, it’s usually surrounding the type of implant a woman should decide to get, the size, shape, and texture. However, there are a large […]

Breast Augmentation

Dr. V’s Approach: Putting the FUN in Breast Augmentation Choosing to have breast augmentation is a very personal decision. Finding the right surgeon is the most crucial one. Dr. Vasisht’s approach to this process emphasizes the fundamentals with the emphasis on the FUN. Without downplaying the seriousness and precision of a surgical procedure, Dr. V […]